L'Oréal Citizen Skills, a new sponsorship program that strengthens the corporate solidarity culture

For over 100 years, L'Oréal has been dedicated to the beauty industry. L'Oréal is the world leader in its sector, with 86,000 employees worldwide and a presence in all distribution channels. L'Oréal relies on its excellence in research and innovation and its 3,993 researchers to meet all the world's beauty aspirations. Through its "Sharing beauty with all" program, L'Oréal has made ambitious commitments to solidarity and sustainable development throughout its value chain by 2020.

Industrie: Cosmetics & luxury

The challenges

The L'Oréal Group, a pioneer in the organization of "Journées Solidarité Entreprise" with its Citizen Day, which since 2010 has mobilized more than 30,000 of its employees worldwide once a year, is celebrating this year (2019) the 10th edition of Citizen Day.

To celebrate this anniversary, the Department of Employee Citizen Engagement is launching a new solidarity program called Citizen Skills. L'Oréal Citizen Skills enables employees to carry out skills sponsorship missions over their working time.

The framework

The L'Oréal Citizen Skills digital platform gives employees the opportunity to consult the missions of associations and apply for the mission or missions that interest them.

The proposed missions focus on the 5 axes of Citizen Day :

  • Acting for employment,
  • Environment,
  • Handicap,
  • Combating exclusion,
  • Intergenerational solidarity,
The associations and missions are proposed by our partner Pro Bono Lab.

In order to best meet the needs of the association, applications are examined by a jury. Once the candidate has been selected, he will carry out his mission within the association according to the dates defined in the skills sponsorship agreement. The impact of the mission will be assessed through feedback from employees and those of the association, via an evaluation report.

The collaboration with MyCrowdCompany

Thanks to the digital platform, the L'Oréal Citizen Skills program was quickly deployed in the Ile-de-France region.

Les différents modules de la plateforme de MyCrowdCompany offrent au Groupement l’opportunité de :

  • - By giving employees a variety of choices and creating synergies with the associative fabric, MyCrowdCompany helps to promote L'Oréal's solidarity approach. .
  • With the skills matching functionality, employees can filter projects and missions close to home and according to their skills or interests.
  • Interactions between volunteers and with associations are facilitated, the actions carried out are valued and L'Oréal has all the indicators at its disposal to better manage the process.

Employees are concretely involved and participate fully in the achievement of missions by bringing their expertise: a way to unite them and strengthen their commitment, while creating links and cultivating their solidarity impact! Ultimately, their ambition is to extend the program throughout France.

The results

19 associations supported

35 assignments offered to employees

More than 50 applications collected