Want to mobilise your employees
for your open innovation strategy but…


Can’t get past the stage of simply sourcing ideas, which so far never come to life or become a real business case for your company?


Don’t know how to involve them using their skills, time or interests to your advantage?


Your internal tools are limited and you struggle to use them to solve your company’s issues?


Need to measure and manage your collaborators’ engagement in order to understand the impact of your approach and identify your most active contributors? 

Give your employees a voice, so that they can make their ideas into projects and get their co-workers on board to help bring them to life

Give the most popular projects visibility, incubate and accelerate them, by encouraging all your collaborators to take part in their own way, depending on their time, skills and interests

Initiate one-off or continuous animation, to get your collaborators thinking about a particular issue or challenge (innovation challenge), or to offer your employees the chance to experience the power of open innovation with an intrapreneurship programme

Manage your innovation strategy, by measuring commitment and identifying talent within your teams

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A company wished to run a change management programme to help digitalise the company and offer disruptive services to its clients. By making the platform available to all employees, the company used an inclusive approach for the first time to generate innovative projects. Use of gamification helped make the challenge more interesting and highlight the most interesting contributors who were rewarded for their implication. In total, 7 projects stood out and were brought to life.

Eva Group, an SSII, needed their teams to consider commercial strategies, the tech market and communications to encourage innovative projects to emerge over the course of a one-month challenge. The first project to meet this goal was implemented: EVA LAB was born. This multi-tech lab is now accessible to all employees enabling them to keep up to date with technological innovation. The contributor whose initiative was implemented was rewarded for his implication. The aim of this challenge was to foster ideation, federate teams and strengthen the sense of belonging for all 110 collaborators. The platform revealed different personalities, reinforced engagement and created a true sense of teamwork.

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innovation participative intrapreneuriat

In 2016, a CAC40 company initiated an ideation process asking employees and collaborators to submit ideas to encourage innovation in their respective jobs. The campaign generated thousands of ideas. Today, they are taking things a step further by incubating the hottest ideas to make them come true. Using our solution, contributors can carry out their projects, break them down into tasks and let management know the skills and means they need to make them come to life. Co-workers can then take on tasks relevant to his or her personal skills.

Génération Connectée (Generation Connected) is an internal community at Groupe EDF, created to tackle the company’s issues through “corporate hacking”. By ensuring it is seperate from the company’s traditional management structure, ideas can circulate horizontally and push to company’s limits. They chose to work with us to give their community a breath of fresh air, break down silos and identify new opportunities. Gamification is a new way for them to reward employee implication.

innovation participative intrapreneuriat
innovation participative challenge innovation

A consulting firm needed to enhance its team members’ days on the bench. The challenge was how to make employees time useful during this often quiet and unproductive period. The company wished to encourage innovation and for this spare time to be used to help the company (new services, market research, digitalisation…). With our platform, the firm organised challenges during which each collaborator could submit projects and suggest he skills and time required to implement their ideas. Each contributor then ran a campaign to get their co-workers on board to help them reach their goals. Each user had a certain number of days they could use freely towards realisation of their project.

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Intrapreneurship: Corporate innovators on the Conquest of Companies

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