Viva Tech, we did it

calendrier.png 13/07/2016

Viva Tech, we did it

viva tech

Pauline, Jean-Louis, Aurore, Céline, Marine, Nathalie, Thibaut

From June 30th to July 2nd, MyCrowdCompany attended Viva Technology with 5 000 other startups. A quick look back on 3 amazing days!

Viva Technology, the new worldwide innovation event in Paris, enables startups and big companies to meet up and concretize their future collaboration. Foster innovation and collaboration between companies and their diverse communities (employees, customers and fans) is one of MyCrowdCompany’s challenge. Viva Technology has been the opportunity to create the appropriate synergies to ensure the startup development, and to exclusively launch its new Crowdfunding Offer dedicated to consumers.

MyCrowdCompany set up on Viva Technology with the sneakers of the future created by Wize&Ope. The sneakers can be preordered via the Crowdfunding platform developed by MyCrowdCompany.

These 3 days have been made of promising meetings with corporate, partners and medias  and full of surprising innovative discoveries. Find out more about VivaTechnology with a photo report: @MyCrowdCompany.

Press room pitch @VivaTech withWize&Ope

 MyCrowdCompany’s deck in the hands of Mr President !

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