Our concept

Go CrowdManiac by giving power to your communities: engage them, increase their loyalty and reward them to make them your best ambassadors. How? By using Crowdfunding and Gamification, both at the heart of our platform.

How Crowdfunding works to boost
participative engagement

Create campaigns with a defined goal and timeframe, think “all or nothing”, your projects only come to life if your goal is met. Everyone can contribute and become a part of your project!

  • Animate your communities and test your ideas to find out their true potential
  • Create engagement
  • Collect feedback and ideas from your community to enrich your innovation strategy and new projects launches
gamification plateforme marque blanche
gamification plateforme marque blanche

to leverage virality

Use gamification to encourage your communities to take part and share the news! For each level of involvement, users win points, unlock badges and levels and are rewarded with real or virtual advantages.

  • Offer a unique experience to your communities to boost their engagement and keep your campaigns alive for longer
  • Give your campaigns a social dimension to create noise and excitement
  • Make your communities into true brand ambassadors and reward their for their involvement

Our news

calendrier.png 25/04/2018

MyCrowdCompany at Innov8rs to present Dare LVMH’s intrapreneurship program

Mycrowdcompany happy to be a part of the speakers at the intrapreneurship conference (#IntraCnf) organized by Innov8rs, in Madrid this 16th May, with Pauline Kiejman, LVMH House Program Manager.

calendrier.png 24/04/2018

Intrapreneurship: Corporate innovators on the Conquest of Companies

Who are the intrapreneurs? What do the intrapreneurs do? How can the company harness its employees’ creative and entrepreneurial stamina to foster initiatives and generate value?

calendrier.png 15/02/2017

Crowdfunding, the latest Eldorado
for established brands

Read the complete Celine's tribune published on French Web: «It is now considered an essential tool for start-ups wishing to raise money to launch new activities or products», says Céline Degreef