Already involved in employee
volunteering programs but…


Your employees are unaware or won’t get involved as much as you would like them to?


You’d like them to get more involved in your associative partner projects, by offering their skills, time and support?


Your employees don’t know what to do to volunteer locally?


You need to measure and direct your employees’ engagement, to analyse the real impact of your actions?

Make your actions visible, as well as those of associations you support, by enabling them to reach your employees and encouraging participation

Give your employees the opportunity to get involved in projects they believe in, based on their skills and interests

Offer your employees the possibility to get involved locally, or around the world, and bring useful opportunities to your partner associations

Measure the impact of your actions, and boost your employees’ engagement by empowering them to carry out their own projects and involve others

Let's make it happen, today!
[email protected] : an all-in-one platform to boost your
employee volunteering programs

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The Schneider Electric Foundation wished to develop their employees’ and retired workers’ social involvement, including locally, and regroup all initiatives on one unique platform. The platform needed to be accessible around the world to include all employees’ projects’ – from Foundation delegates to associative partners – enabling them to post their ideas as well as volunteer for projects and tasks. The foundation’s goal was clear: enable partner associations to find the right profiles and encourage employees to take part in tasks with a strong territorial or international background.

As part of an emergency campaign, a corporate foundation wished to help supporting associations financially and encourage employees to get involved without asking them for financial donations. Each person received a wallet of “relief coins” and hours that he/she could allocate to specific projects or tasks submitted by the foundation. All projects reached their goals and not only benefited from voluntary involvement but also saw their financial donations doubled.

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