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A unique concept: an engagement platform
based on the association between Crowdfunding and Gamification

Engaging its communities is becoming a real challenge to create value and innovate. MyCrowdCompany designed an engagement platform for company’s communities with a unique concept: the combination of Crowdfunding and Gamification to offer a single experience, create emulation and turn company’s communities into its first ambassadors.

Our platform includes 2 offers – ‘’Employee Engagement’’ and ‘’Consumer Engagement’’ – to create a privileged relationship and generate multiple opportunities for ideation, performance and growth.

MyCrowdCompany also offers consulting services before the platform implementation, to assist you in the design, optimization or livening up your engagement process.

Use Crowdfunding mechanisms to boost engagement

Mobilize your internal and external communities: engage your employees on key issues (product/service innovation, CSR, solidarity commitment, etc.) and your consumers in a outbreak of innovations (products, services and unique experiences).

Get a great engagement propeller

Around the principle of ‘‘all or nothing’’, the project is only carried out if the final objective is reached. Each person who contributes is, at his/her level, a player and guarantor of the project.

Your community is mobilised to share the campaign and maximize the probability that the project will be realised.

Encourage collective intelligence to innovate

By involving your communities you can benefit from its contributions to improve your stategy or projects, innovate, solve specific issues, develop collaborative culture, etc.


Gamification as a powerful virality propeller

Build on game mechanisms to get your communities involved and to mobilise other backers around them, through a recognition program valuing each of their actions.

Create an experience that strengthens the community’s involvement

Backers earn points for each action, unlock badges, challenging themselves through rankings. They are rewarded by real or virtual privileges. This dynamics renews their interest throughout the campaign.

Capitalise on your ambassadors to create emulation

Gamification gives a significant scope to the project. By making your communities the main driver of the experience, Gamification transforms project leaders into your first ambassadors, fully participating in the projects virality.

Our solutions


Employee Engagement

Instill collaborative and creative dynamics to boost social employee engagement, run your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, develop collective intelligence at the service of innovation on the company’s strategic issues or problem solving.



Consumer Engagement

Reinvent your product launch:  secure and finance the outbreak of innovations by involving your communities. By making them the main driver of your campaign, benefit from a great virality propeller.


A platform and a team dedicated to communities engagement issues


Get a SaaS platform that requires no installation and can be simply and quickly configured. It can be customized to the graphic identity of your company.

Easy integration

Boost the coordination of your digital tools by integrating the platform into it, without any technical difficulty. You can also choose to operate it independently.

Monitoring indicators

Control the performance of your engagement and communication actions: engagement rate, leaderboard…

Easy to use

Take control of MyCrowdCompany’s platform with all ease. It has been designed to facilitate your experience as an administrator, and that of your communities.

Single Sign On

Use single sign-on to facilitate your communities’ access to the platform by allowing them to sign in with the credentials they use on other applications (Windows, intranet, website…).

Secured data

Be assured of the security of your data stored in the cloud. We guarantee the confidentiality of information transfers with the SSL certificate.

Since its launch in 2015, MyCrowdCompany has been providing support to

What our customers say about us

  • ‘‘ I wanted to find a unique way to launch my new sneakers and to be as revolutionary as there are. As Crowdfunding platforms are drowned by many projects, MyCrowdCompany knew how to fit to my product by building a customized platform, integrated to my website that reflects perfectly my brand. Thanks to Gamification techniques, I will offer a brand-new experience to my customers and fans! ”
    Victor LouzonWize&Ope CEO
  • ‘‘ I have always been convinced that collective intelligence is a great resource for a company. Unfortunately, I did not have the tools that enable my own company to develop an internal cohesion and emulation and to encourage the employee’s sense of belonging. In a few weeks, with MyCrowdCompany platform, everyone was able to express their creativity and we made up a lot of innovative projects ! ’’
    Jean-Victor GARNIEREVA Group Executive Partner
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MyCrowdCompany was launched in 2015 with employee and customer engagement on its core business. A participatory engagement platform linked to business consulting was created to inject positive momentum by mobilising employees in a meaningful approach.

Fulfilling its area of expertise since its creation, MyCrowdCompany completed in 2016 its initial offer with a participatory engagement platform for consumers. A platform allowing the brand to involve consumers in its innovation strategy and product launch.

MyCrowdCompany also received the FrenchTech label and joined the ecosystem in 2015 to be a part of the growth and influence of the French digital start-ups.

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